Most small business owners wear all the hats, work long hours, and feel alone. Phone calls, emails, bookkeeping, employee problems - the day-to-day business life is not what they envisioned when they left their day job to follow their dream.

eBizness Solutions offers a better way. Our services, Simplify Bizness and Simple Renting, helps business owners take the "busy-ness" out of doing business. Our virtual team, located in the U.S., takes care of the time-consuming tasks that dominate the day of a small business owner.


  • have the experience in the areas business owners need the most help.
  • provide exceptional service.
  • are available for you 9 AM - 5 PM, Monday - Friday.
  • never take a day off.
  • do not require benefits.
  • won’t need an extra desk, phone line or computer.

eBizness Solutions is what a business owner needs so they can work on their business, not in it.